Glorious PBT Keycaps - Arctic White
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by John Doe, written onMay 4, 20020
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Glorious PBT Keycaps - Arctic White

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  • Product SKU: GLO-KC-GPBT-W
Short Description GPBT KEYCAPS Gorgeous cherry-profile keycaps made from super-durable PBT plastic. Designed for maximum readability, and available in a variety of vibrant colorways to complement any battlestation. Specifications Included Includes 114 GPBT Keycaps Layout Traditional US (ANSI) Compatibility All GMMK ModelsFits Most Full-Size, TKL, and Compact Boards Materials Made With Strong, PBT Plastic Characters Clean, Non-Transparent (No Shine Through) DYE Sublimation Legends HIGH-QUALITY FUNCTION WITH A TOUCH OF ART Just like any art you display in your home, keycaps are a means of self expression and a reflection of personal style. We designed GPBT with the discerning enthusiast in mind - focusing on eye-catching aesthetics and optimum functionality. Featuring satisfyingly crisp, DYE sublimation legends in a proprietary font created for enhanced readability and a flair of sophistication . High-quality PBT plastic...
200.00 QAR